Collection: Panettoni

The Sciara Panettoni are handcrafted, without raisins or candied fruit, they all have the spreadable cream included in the package , leaving you the pleasure of filling each slice of Panettone as you prefer.
Choose your favorite flavor between Pistachio Panettone , Almond Panettone and Hazelnut Panettone , all with a 190 gram jar of cream included in the package.
Also discover the "Le SpecialitΓ " Panettone from Sciara, namely the Pistachio and Chocolate Panettone from Modica and the Pistachio and Orange Panettone from Sicily , also with a jar of spreadable cream included and a free spread.

Take advantage of quantity discounts: the more Panettoni you buy, the more you save!

If you prefer a already filled dessert, all you have to do is try our brioche bread!