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Why Sciara "the land of Pistachio"?
Because in Bronte, our town, the term "sciara" means lava soil, that is, the very land on which our Pistachio is born.
"Sciara", therefore, is the land of Pistachio!

Sciara is the reference point for all Pistachio lovers , a source of mouth-watering artisan specialties, but also of curiosities and information on the world of pistachios.
Sciara is one of the largest producers of pistachios and derivative products in Bronte, taking care of the entire supply chain, from cultivation to marketing of "green gold".
Founded by three young Sicilians, since 2011 , in a continuous crescendo, Sciara has now become a company known nationally, strongly oriented towards multi-channel, innovation and internationalization, an active and dynamic reality , as well as the Volcano which is represented in its logo.
Unmistakable colors and flavors characterize all the products that are born on the varied Sicilian soils, of which Pistachio is the main product, and it is precisely these aspects that Sciara intends to preserve and offer to its customers.

Sciarashop , Sciara 's ecommerce born in 2016, is the first Sicilian online store born in Bronte and dedicated to Pistachio.
You will be able to choose your favorite products from our artisan specialties : sweet pistachio cream , pistachio pesto and baked sweets such as nougat, crunchy biscuits and pistachio panettone .

Choose Sciara products and join the large community of Sciaralovers !

Sciara was born in Bronte

one of the largest municipalities in the province of Catania, located between the Etna Park and the Nebrodi Park and home of the renowned Pistachio "Verde di Bronte DOP" .
Sciara is, in the Brontese dialect, the lava ground , that land on which the best quality Pistachio present on world markets is produced.
The Sciara logo, then, recalls the image of the Etna volcano, that Muntagna which is often scary, but which is basically the gentle giant of Sicily.

We are waiting for you in Bronte, among lava rocks and Pistachio groves (this is the name of the lands cultivated with Pistachios), where the Sciara headquarters , the production plant and the official sales point are located, where you can find and taste all our specialties in person!

Our products are made with care and dedication

All Sciara products are handcrafted , enriched by the vast local food and wine heritage and the most modern processing technologies.
Our flagship product is the Pistachio, but our product range also includes Almond and Hazelnut specialties.
Starting from the work in our Pistachio grove, and therefore from the cultivation of Pistachios, up to the packaging of our elaborate products, the essential ingredient in Sciara is the extreme care and dedication of the whole team .
The same care and dedication that are applied in selecting our suppliers and the best raw materials, both Italian and foreign.

The Italian Pistachio, specifically the Bronte Pistachio , in fact, in addition to not being sufficient in quantity to satisfy the worldwide demand for the product, can also be less suitable than other varieties of Pistachio for certain uses.
If the Bronte Pistachio is perfect for example to consume or use as it is, without salt or any other added ingredient, other types of Pistachios are more suitable as snacks or to make elaborate products.

Pistachio experts

The ability of our production experts is to select the best types of Pistachios on the market in the different seasons of the year and create the most suitable blend of Pistachios for our various processes, with the aim of always maintaining a high standard quality, managing at the same time to guarantee as much as possible a constant level of costs and therefore of prices to the public.

In fact, the Bronte Pistachio is harvested only every 2 years and, despite a production of around 34,000 quintals, as already mentioned, it cannot satisfy the global demand for the product, as well as having a very significant price fluctuation between the harvest year (typically in odd years) and that of firm.
In our shop, therefore, you will find both pure products and specialties created with our Pistachio selections.

Where to find Sciara products

You can find Sciara products in our official store in Bronte , online at and at exclusive authorized retailers throughout Italy and beyond national borders.
We carefully research and select our partners so that they fully reflect the values ​​and principles of Sciara, with the common intention of offering our customers the best of food specialties on the market, real flavors accompanied by a touch of innovation.

Our motto is " Be good, be clear, be top! "
Be good , because we want to "be good" with the raw materials we handle, with our collaborators, with our customers and with the planet that hosts us.
Be clear , because we want to "be clear", we believe in the transparency of our work and communication with anyone who comes into contact with our company.
Be top , because we want to "be and give the best" for our customers!

Welcome to the world of Sciara 💚

  • sciara pistacchio - prodotti al pistacchio di bronte

    In 2011...

    Denny, Gionatan and Alessandra found Sciara, continuing a thirty-year family tradition in the restaurant business

  • Today...

    Sciara has a team of 15 people, an operational headquarters, an official store and a new factory under construction

  • Sciara's values

    Love for one's land, Dynamism, Innovation, Transparency, Social and environmental sustainability.
    Be good, be clear, be top!