Collection: And you, what percentage of pistachio are you?

The famous Cream of Pistachio Sciara over the years has conquered more and more fans, the #Sciaralovers who flood our Facebook and Instagram pages every day with the most imaginative photos and suggestions to use our cream.

Just thanks to the dialogue with our fans over the years we have created more versions of our cream so as to satisfy all tastes and needs of an increasingly wide audience.

Today it's up to you to figure out what will be the perfect cream for your tastes! It will be the Greedy 30%, the simple 50% Gold, the rich 60% or the versatile 100%...? Be careful, it is not true the rule "the more pistachio there is the better". Each cream is studied and balanced to satisfy a different taste. You just have to try them and decide!

The largest choice of pistachio creams to satisfy all palates!