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100% Pistachio cream without sugar - La Pura

100% Pistachio cream without sugar - La Pura

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100% sugar-free pistachio cream. Indulge in all the flavor of Pistachio, without any additions, with Sciara's 100% “ La Pura ” Pistachio Cream.

Rich and creamy, the 100% Pistachio Cream "La Pura" from Sciara, also known as Pistachio Butter , is our creation designed for the kitchen and for all athletes . In fact, in addition to being an excellent base for any sweet or savory Pistachio-based preparation, our "La Pura" Cream is natural and genuine, without sugar or salt .
Also known as pure Pistachio Paste or Base for Pistachio Ice Cream, you can use our 100% Cream as a simple spreadable cream , to enrich your breakfast or your healthy and tasty bowls and fill up on energy by spreading it on bread or rusks.
Enjoy the 100% Pistachio Cream "La Pura" by spreading it on bread, biscuits or on your desserts thanks to our practical spreader .

From harvesting to packaging, Sciara 100% Natural Pistachio Cream keeps all the peculiarities of the Pistachio intact. In fact, no additives or other ingredients are used in the manufacturing process.
The pistachio used for our 100% cream is lightly toasted and then ground so finely as to become a creamy paste that contains all its intense flavour .
Our 100% sugar-free pistachio cream is also gluten free , free of preservatives and colorings .

Sciara Pistachio Protein Butter , also available in the 1 kg stock format, is a delicious product made from 100% Pistachios. It contains no added sugar and is the perfect choice for those wanting a healthy snack, looking to boost energy levels after exercise or simply adding intense flavor to many recipes.

Only quality pistachio, nothing else

Our 100% Pistachio Cream, or Pistachio Butter, is a natural product . Only pistachios lightly toasted and finely ground to obtain this artisanal pistachio cream. From harvesting to packaging, all the peculiarities of the pistachio remain intact. In fact, no additives or other ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of our 100% Pistachio Cream. A healthy, genuine and Made in Italy product!

For athletes always at the top

Thanks to the convenient format of our natural Pistachio Cream you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Pistachio whenever you want. Sciara's sugar-free Pistachio Protein Butter is perfect for post-workout recovery or any mass-gaining program. Mixed with soy milk and a banana, it's an effective plant-based recovery drink.

Sciara 100% Pistachio Cream is a source of :
- essential fatty acids (AGEs)
- antioxidants
- polyphenols
- proteins

Furthermore, rich in group B vitamins , Omega6 and Omega9 , minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and selenium, Sciara's 100% Pistachio Cream is ideal for athletes . Use it for post-workout recovery or in any mass-gaining program. Sciara Protein Pistachio Butter is perfect to add to your smoothie or post-workout shake or simply to spread on toast or crackers. Blended, for example with soy milk and a banana, is useful for an effective plant-based recovery drink.

For chefs who love pistachios

The version of our 100% Pistachio Cream in stock format , also known as Base for Pistachio Ice Cream or Pure Paste, is also perfect for those who want to indulge in the kitchen for a party or an evening with friends and for those who want to create cakes or artisanal desserts based on Pistachio .
A kilo of quality pistachio for many delicious recipes at the best price!


Pistachio origin: EU/non-EU according to seasonal availability (the product will report the current information on the label).

Warnings for the consumer:
The product may contain shell fragments.

(the allergens present are highlighted in CAPITALS).

Nutritional characteristics

(average values ​​per 100 g)*: Calories 577 Kcal/2414 KJ, Fats 48.4 g, Saturated fats 6.13 g, Carbohydrates 15 g, Sugars 9.7 g, Proteins 20.6 g, Fibers 10.8 g, Salt 0.015 g.

*These values ​​are subject to variations according to the production batches and the harvest year. Therefore, product packaging may contain different information than that shown on our site. Please always read the label, warnings and instructions provided on the product before using or consuming it.


24 months from the production date.
Store the 100% Pistachio Cream without sugar in a cool, dry place.
The product will keep intact for up to 2 months after opening, provided that the above storage requirements are met.
Any presence of oil on the surface does not constitute an alteration of the product, but a natural process of separation.

Method of use

How to use the 100% Pistachio Cream:
- spreadable cream for sweet or savory crepes
- seasoning for bruschetta and croutons
- ingredient for ice creams, mousses and creams
- filling for croissants
- filling for cakes and biscuits
- condiment for bowls and salads
- ingredient for smoothies

In the kitchen, the 100% Pistachio Cream is a special ingredient for your sweet and savory creations. Use it for classic ice cream, spoon desserts, to fill cakes and desserts. Try it also in savory recipes, for example with bacon or bacon to make tasty condiments, or in combination with prawns, salmon and tuna. Even cheeses, such as ricotta or very seasoned ones, do not disdain the combination with our Pistachio Butter. To obtain a delicious but genuine spreadable cream, just add a sweetener to taste and olive oil to our 100% Pistachio Cream.


Si, noi siamo di Bronte e abbiamo una grande esperienza in materia ma, siamo onesti, non tutto il Pistacchio che lavoriamo è sempre di Bronte, perché è proprio impossibile che lo sia!

Il Pistacchio di Bronte, infatti, si raccoglie solo ogni 2 anni e, nonostante una produzione di circa 34.000 quintali, non può soddisfare la richiesta globale di prodotto, oltre ad avere una notevolissima oscillazione di prezzo tra l'anno di raccolta (tipicamente negli anni dispari) e quello di ferma.

L'abilità dei nostri esperti di produzione, quindi, è quella di selezionare le migliori tipologie di Pistacchi presenti sul mercato nelle diverse stagioni dell'anno e realizzare la miscela di Pistacchi più idonea per le nostre diverse lavorazioni, con l'obiettivo di mantenere sempre un elevato standard qualitativo, riuscendo allo stesso tempo a garantire il più possibile un livello costante dei costi e quindi dei prezzi al pubblico.

Nelle nostre etichette troverai sempre indicata l'origine della Frutta secca utilizzata, con la garanzia di avere un prodotto controllato e realizzato con le migliori materie prime disponibili, italiane ed estere.

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