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Recipe Tartlets with Pistachio Ice Cream and cherries in syrup

A very soft heart of ice cream, a solid base of pistachio shortbread.
A sweet that is our synthesis, between thoughts and head, between desires and aspirations, between security and solidarity.
Soft heart, solid base. And a crazy taste!
Propecia de Nordfoodovestest:

(for 6 tartlets with Pistachio Ice Cream)

For the tartlets
- 150 g perciasac flour
- 70 g sugar
- 70 g cold butter
- 1 spoonful of Pistachio Grain
- 1 sachet of vanilla
- the grated rind of half a lemon
- 1 egg
- a pinch of salt

For Pistachio Ice Cream (without ice cream)
- 250 g of fresh whipping cream
- a spoonful of sweet Muscat
- 100 ml of condensed milk
- 40 g of 100% Pistachio Cream (pure pistachio paste)

For candied cherries
- 100 g of cherries
- 2 spoonfuls of raw cane sugar
- the juice of half a lemon
- a few leaves of fresh sage
- 20 ml of sweet Muscat

The evening before, prepare the Pistachio Ice Cream: in a container mix condensed milk, pistachio paste and Moscato wine.
Whip the cream separately and then add it to the container with the rest of the ingredients. Stir carefully, transfer to a suitable container and let it rest in the freezer overnight.
The next day, prepare the tart shortbread: add all the ingredients in a container and mix well until the mixture is sandy and floury.
Form a cake, cover with plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
After half an hour, roll out the shortcrust pastry, cut out six disks and roll them out in buttered forms, pressing lightly with your fingers on the bottom and edges to make the dough stick well.
Prick the surface slightly with the tines of a fork and cover each tart with the dried legumes.
Bake the tart at 180° for 30 minutes. Let them cool.
Prepare the candied cherries: in a non-stick pan, add the stoned and cut in half and the rest of the ingredients and cook over a very low flame stirring continuously for about ten minutes.
Fill the tartlets with two scoops of Pistachio Ice Cream on each one, cover with plenty of candied cherries and their syrup (including if you like mint leaves). Finish with Pistachio Grain and enjoy your Pistachio Ice Cream Tart!

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