lasagne al pistacchio

Recipe Lasagne with Pistachio Pesto

Few can resist lasagna...
and today we want to propose an alternative version: Lasagne al Pistachio!

For this recipe we used 2 of our products, Pistachio Pesto and Granella di Pistacchio.
Our Pistachio Pesto is made with 60% pistachio and reinterprets the classic Italian condiment in a Brontese key.
It can be used as a condiment for first or second courses, but also to make tasty pizzas and focaccia.
Granella di Pistacchio is a simple and genuine product, easily used as a garnish for both sweet and savory dishes.

- 500 g fresh lasagna
- 1 lt béchamel sauce
- 1 jar of 190 g Pistachio Pesto
- smoked scamorza cheese q.b.
- speck q.b.
- parmesan cheese q.b.
- Granella di Pistacchio q.b.

Cut the scamorza and speck into small pieces.
Prepare the béchamel with pistachio by combining the Pistachio Pesto with the béchamel and mix well.
Spread our fresh lasagne inside the oven dish and enrich each layer with plenty of béchamel, speck and scamorza.
We will make several layers of ourlasagna.
Once you reach the last layer, cover with more béchamel sauce, enrich with grated Parmesan cheese and plenty of Granella di Pistachio.
Bake our lasagna in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C.
Once cooked, enjoy your wonderful lasagna!

lasagne con pesto di pistacchi

lasagne al pistacchio

ricetta lasagne al pistacchio

lasagna al pistacchio

lasagne con pesto di pistacchio

ricetta lasagne con pesto di pistacchi


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