colombe e uova di pasqua - colomba artigianale e uovo al pistacchio bronte sciara

The first Sciara Colombe and Easter Eggs are available!

Dear Sciaralovers ,

the first Sciara Colombe and Easter Eggs are available of 2023! 🌼

In fact, our pastry chefs are at work again to create the delicious Colombe and Easter Eggs with Pistachio 🐣
Are now available:
- Pistachio Colomba
- Colomba Pistachio and Chocolate
- Pistachio egg
- Egg with Pistachio grain
The other flavors of Colombe and our Colomba-Eovo mixes will also be available soon 😉
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Bring to the table all the flavor of Sciara Colombe and Easter Eggs!
The Colombe Sciara are artisan sweets, without preservatives or dyes and made with natural yeast .
Our Colombe have a soft and fragrant dough, to be enriched as desired with Spreadable cream included in the package .
In fact, inside an elegant package , you will find our 750 gram Colomba, together with a 190 gram jar of Spreadable cream with which to fill your Colomba as desired.
Give a greedy joy with Sciara Easter Eggs! Very fine Pistachio white chocolate in simple or granulated version.
All our Eggs contain a delicious little surprise inside 😋
CLICK HERE and discover all the Doves and Easter Eggs 🐣

There shipping is always free in Italy starting from €39 and moreover, if you are already our customer, you can take advantage of the advantages of our loyalty program .
Here you can find more information about it: .

All you have to do is choose your favorite products among Sciara Colombe and Easter Eggs! 😉

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