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Pistachio Cake Recipe

We are very happy to present you the recipe for a classic Brontese pastry: the Pistachio Cake.

This cake has a really irresistible taste, a very soft dough enriched with Pistachio Cream filling.
Let's see together how to make it...

- 6 eggs
- 250 g sugar
- 300 g Chopped Pistachio Cake
- 100 g flour
- 150 g melted butter
- 1 sachet of yeast
- 190 g Creamof Pistachio
- 100 g Pistachio Grains

Preheat the oven to 150° and maintain the temperature for the cooking time.
Whip the eggs and sugar together.
Add the chopped Pistachio, melted and cold butter, flour and baking powder.
Pour the dough into a buttered baking pan, sprinkle with flour and bake immediately in a hot oven for about 45 minutes.
After baking, leave the cake in the oven off for another 5 minutes.
When it cools, spread the Pistachio Cream on the surface of the cake (the inside of the cake can also be filled to taste) and garnish with the Pistachio Granella.

It is possible to make the cake without flour, making it suitable also for celiac subjects, using 400 g of Chopped Pistachio Cream instead of 300 g.

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