sciara con sonia peronaci

Sciara meets Sonia Peronaci

On the occasion of our presence in Milan for TUTTOFOOD 2017, it was a real honor for us at Sciara, as well as a great pleasure, to meet Sonia Peronaci in person, creator of Giallo Zafferano and now of .

Sonia is grappling with a new TV show, "Cooking class", which will air this fall on FoxLife.
In each episode Sonia will develop a different recipe based on the request for help received from a beginner in the kitchen. The food blogger will host the expert cook in her school to teach him the tricks of the trade to overcome his problem and create new dishes.

We would like to share some moments of our meeting with you and thank all the Sonia Factory team, especially Francesco and Sonia, for their kindness and availability.


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