panettoni mandorla, pistacchio e nocciola

Discover the new Almond and Hazelnut Panettone!

For this Christmas we are delighted to announce the birth of two new members of the Sciara family

The handcrafted Almond and Hazelnut Panettone have arrived!
The same soft and fragrant dough of the Pistachio Panettone and a delicious icing of white chocolate and dark chocolate drops.
The Panettoni are accompanied, respectively, by Almond Cream and Hazelnut Cream.
Inside an elegant package. in fact, you will find the Panettone together with a jar of spreadable cream with which to fill the dessert according to your tastes.
Both Panettoni are simple inside, to be enriched as desired with Almond Cream or Hazelnut Cream, depending on the Panettone you choose.

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