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Our handcrafted Panettoni are back 😊

Dear Sciaralovers ,

the first Sciara artisan Panettone of Christmas 2022 are finally available! ✨😊

In fact, our pastry chefs are once again at work creating the delicious Sciara Panettoni and our winter desserts.
Are now available:
- Pistachio Panettone
- Pistachio and Chocolate Panettone
- Pistachio brioche bread
The other flavors of Panettone and Pan brioche will also be available soon πŸ˜‰
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Bring to the table all the taste of artisanal Panettone,Β without preservatives or dyes and made with natural yeast .
Our Panettoni have a soft and fragrant dough, to be enriched as desired withΒ Spreadable cream included in the package .
In fact, inside an elegant package , you will find our 750 gram Panettone, together with a 190 gram jar of spreadable cream with which to fill your Panettone as desired.

Sciara's goal is to provide you with excellent service and a range of high quality products that give you taste and moments of well-being.
Unfortunately, the global supply chain crisis has impacted many players in the industry and for over a year now we have been dealing with a dramatic increase in the prices of many raw materials, as well as energy costs.
So far we have done everything possible not to let this affect our prices, delaying our decision compared to the rest of the food industry.
However, to continue providing you with products of the highest standard , we have no choice but to adjust the prices of some of our products, including Panettone.
We are well aware of the daily problems that we all have to face and we trust that those responsible will take appropriate measures as soon as possible.
In the meantime, our choice to change the price list was by no means a matter taken lightly, but it became necessary in order to maintain the same level of excellence on which we have built our company and which we wish with all our strength to continue to achieve. offer you.

As always, in our shop there will be products on offer and promotions , as well as free shipping in Italy starting from €39 .
Furthermore, if you are already our customer, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of our loyalty program .
Here you can find more information about it: .

Thank you for continuing to choose Sciara πŸ’š

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