pesto di pistacchio sciara bronte

Pistachio pesto, a practical and tasty condiment!

Dear Sciaralovers,
let's discover together all the uses of our Pistachio Pesto !

In the summer, we know, it's difficult to spend so much time in front of the stove, and therefore we all look for quick... and fresh solutions!
Our Pistachio Pesto is ideal for making quick and very tasty pasta dishes , in which to combine vegetables, cheeses or chunks of fish with pesto.

In fact, Sciara Pistachio Pesto is a very versatile condiment, suitable for pasta first courses, tasty bruschetta or delicious second courses.
Absolutely to try is also the Pistachio Pizza !
In fact, try dressing your pizza with a mozzarella base, then add our Pistachio Pesto and, once out of the oven, add mortadella, speck or the salami you like best... it will be hard to resist!

Sciara Pesto can be used as it is, directly from the jar to the plate, or it can be enriched with sautéed onion, bacon and cooking cream to make a delicious Pistachio sauce .
Simple and tasty ingredients make this artisan Pistachio Pesto unique: chopped pistachio, salt, oil and a pinch of pepper to make everything tastier.
The 190 gram jar of our Pesto is useful for making up to 6 portions of pasta .

So indulge yourself in the kitchen with our Pistachio Pesto and post photos of your recipes on our social channels using the hashtag #sciaralovers 😉💚

pesto pistachio sciara brontepesto pistachio sciara brontepizza pesto pistachio sciara bronte
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