Inizia la raccolta del Pistacchio!

The pistachio harvest begins!

Dear Sciaralovers,
Pistachio picking begins in Bronte these days.

It is a moment eagerly awaited by all, in which it is hoped that the efforts of 2 years of work will be repaid.
Yes, because in Bronte the pistachio harvest takes place only every 2 years , typically in odd years.
This is to ensure that the trees do not get too much stress, having to absorb all the nutrients from the harsh lava soil by penetrating the rocks with their roots, and can therefore bear better fruit.
The pistachio harvest takes place between the end of August and the beginning of September and much depends on the temperatures and the rains.
When the husk of the Pistachio, i.e. the soft skin that covers the shell, changes from red to completely white , then the fruit is completely ripe and ready for harvesting.
Precisely due to the characteristics of the lava soil, it is impossible to carry out the harvest with agricultural machines and everything takes place, therefore, by hand , collecting the fruits in special buckets that the workers in charge of the collection keep around their necks.
After that, all the Pistachios are transferred into canvas bags and then taken to the hulling process.
Once the husk has been removed, the Pistachio (called "Tignosella" in this phase) is dried in the sun for a few days and then shelled and further processed according to use.

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W the Pistachio! 😊💚

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