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Our Pistachio at Linea Verde Discovery 💚

Dear Sciaralovers,
a few days ago we had the pleasure of hosting Fabio Gallo and the Linea Verde Discovery crew.

Together we took a walk in our pistachio grove (this is the name of the pistachio plantation) talking about what makes the Bronte pistachio so special 💚
We have described the uniqueness of the lava soil on which our Pistachio is born and the particular microclimate of the area, also talking about the hard work behind the cultivation of the green gold of Bronte.
We also wanted to shed some light and make consumers aware that the green gold of Bronte is harvested only every 2 years and, despite a production of around 34,000 quintals, it cannot satisfy the global demand for the product nor realistically be present in all the individual restaurants and pastry shops in the world that claim to work with Pistachio di Bronte.

For this reason, our company also works with different types of Pistachios, selecting, based on the availability of the period, the best product qualities on the market with the aim of always maintaining a high quality standard and at the same time managing to guarantee the a constant level of costs and therefore of prices to the public as much as possible.
In addition to processing natural Pistachios , in fact, in Sciara we make 100% pure Pastes , Spreadable Creams , then the highly appreciated Pistachio Cream, then condiments such as Pesto , which we offer to our customers in different variations, the handcrafted , Sicilian desserts such as nougat, pistachio paste, crunchy and holiday desserts such as Colomba and Pistachio Panettone, one of the most appreciated Christmas gifts ever 😊

We are waiting for you on Saturday 27 May at 11:20 on Rai1 for a chat about our beloved Pistachio.
Mark on the agenda 😉
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