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World Earth Day: 15% off everything!

Dear Sciaralovers,
Earth Day is being celebrated today , a date that forces us to reflect even more stringently on a new growth model , focusing on research, innovation and renewable energy.

For this we have a surprise for you!
Simply use the code EARTH22 at checkout and the discount will be applied to the total order.

We, in our small way, have already decided for some time to give a green turn to our company.
With this in mind, for example, we have chosen to use corn-based biodegradable chips for our packaging.
These chips are used to protect the products inside our boxes and ensure that they arrive intact at your home.

These chips are made from biodegradable and compostable corn starch and decompose on contact with water leaving no toxic waste.

The only flaw:
the chips are
green , but they are not pistachio based! 😄

Furthermore, our products are contained in glass jars, plastic containers or cardboard boxes which we invite you to dispose of correctly, following the instructions of your municipality of residence.

Do your part too
our packaging gives you a hand!

world earth day - offers bronte pistachio products

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