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World kiss day 💋

Dear Sciaralovers,
Today July 6th is World Kissing Day!

To celebrate this special day with you, we have decided to give you a 15% discount on all our products!
Just enter the code BACIO23 in the appropriate box on the payment page and the discount will be applied to the total order 😊

The first Kiss Day dates back to July 6, 1990, when in England it was decided that a day was needed to be dedicated only to kisses and their extraordinary power. Thus, World Kiss Day was born.

With this day the qualities of the kiss are enhanced not only as a romantic gesture of love capable of inspiring artists, writers and poets, but also as a real viaticum for a healthier life .

Indeed, kissing strengthens the body (thanks to the exchange of millions of benign bacteria) and makes us more desirable in the eyes of others.
When we kiss, then, our bodies release oxytocin, "the good mood hormone", lower blood pressure, increase salivation (a factor that counteracts cavities and infections) and reduce levels of cortisol, another stress-related hormone .
To this it should be added that more than 30 facial muscles are involved during the outpouring of love. Kissing a lot is therefore like anti-wrinkle gymnastics! 🧖 ♀️

So combine a nice kiss with some healthy shopping in our shop and a good mood is guaranteed! 😄💚

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