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February 26: World Pistachio Day

Dear Sciaralovers,
did you know that our beloved green gold has a dedicated World Day?

Well yes, February 26 is World Pistachio Day, World Pistachio Day πŸ’š

And to celebrate World Pistachio Day we have decided to dedicate a truly unmissable offer to you!
Only from February 20th to 26th you can get 15% DISCOUNT ON ALL PRODUCTS in our shop 😍
Just enter the code WPD23 at the time of payment and the discount will be applied to the total order!
You can also use the code for multiple orders, but only in the week from February 20th to 26th, the best way to celebrate World Pistachio Day! 😊

Why choose Pistachio?
A portion of Pistachios a day (strictly without salt!) is a real panacea: diuretics, anti-cholesterol, anti-infectives, anti-anxiety and also useful in case of mild depression. But above all… Pistachios don't make you fat!
Indeed they can help to lose weight thanks to the large amount of fibers and the great sense of satiety they offer.
The Pistachio is highly prized and, due to its aromatic and pleasant taste, much sought after in confectionery, in ice cream and for flavoring and flavoring many dishes. Finally, the oil extracted from Pistachio is also used in dermatology and cosmetics, thanks to its remarkable emollient and softening qualities.

Discover Pistachio and all our products, both sweet and savoury, and celebrate World Pistachio Day with us!
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Happy World Pistachio Day! 😊

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